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It must be hard for guy to be remembered more by a shoe rather than his achievements as a tennis player. That’s the story of Stanley Roger Smith, more commonly known as Stan Smith, the previous world No. 1 and two-time Grand Slam singles champion, with a Wimbledon title, a US Open title and four Grand Prix Championship Series to his name...what a Boss!

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But no matter how legendary he was on the court, it was his name being signed to adidas that is considered to this day as one of the most influential sneaker sponsorships in sports history that transitioned the name Stan Smith from tennis royalty to the heights of mainstream fashion across the globe. In fact, “Complex Sneakers” has listed the adidas Stan Smith in 4th place of the 50 greatest sneakers of all time and “Shortlist Magazine” having listed the sneaker among the 10 greatest sneakers ever!

Taking into account the clean, classic style of Stan Smith sneakers, it’s not difficult to see why the tennis shoes took the world by storm.

Having allegedly sold over 40 million pairs worldwide this sneakers legacy speaks for itself in a lot of ways, especially as to why it was inducted into the Guinness book of world records in 1988 for units sold of one shoe style. The tennis shoe has always been popular not just through adidas’ lines, but throughout fashion as a whole. The preppy polo’s and pristine whites create an enduring sense of a clean cut gentlemen. Most of the new generation of Stan Smith wearers won’t know who the man himself is, but his alternative reputation in fashion will live through many more generations and its timeless style will be re-imagined time and time again.

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adidas Stan Smith Blog | BrandedFeet

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